Great Marine Life Amazing dive spots around the unique Marine Park of Kalypso

The waters around Kalypso area attract a wide variety of marine life!

With more than 30 meters visibility underwater - as you can see in the picture above - the biodiversity of the underwater closed ecosystem inside and around the rugged coastal area of ​​Karavos beach is something really unique in the Mediterranean Sea!

The whole area is a closed ecosystem protected from the weather conditions and at the same time it is characterized by the influx of food due to the strong underwater currents outside of the Libyan Sea. As a result, the unique local fish species remain and reproduce in Kalypso area while large pelagic fishes are trying to reach the area for hunting.

The rare flora is a pole of attraction of large turtles / ''caretta-caretta'' at times, while in the bay sometimes we can found mammals such as mediterranean seals, sea lions / ''monachus-monachus'' etc. Outside of the bay, large Grouper fishes live in the cliffs, and they visit us from the depths ''blue water hunters'' like mediterranean silver Dentex. 

The submarine phenomenon is the deep gorge which opens to the Libyan Sea and protects the fauna of the water from the great predators. The temperature of the water varies between 16 °Celsius / 60.8 °Fahrenheit in winter & 26 °Celsius / 78.8 °Fahrenheit in summer, but the most important is that the conditions remain stable and unchanged.

This unique phenomenon makes your scuba dives exciting. Very rarely you can dive from a shore and find yourself in such crystal clear waters, wild and open sea, while being protected and feeling safe as everything is near and around  you.

It is probably one of the best, interesting and safest dive sites in Greece - very popular to divers from all over the world - for scuba diving of all levels. The beginners feel sound and safe inside the bay, while experienced divers feel the awe of the deep blue waters!

Visit us and live a life-changing experience!

Important Note: All photos in this website are real, from Kalypso area, made by our professional photographers, without any filter or photoshop!


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Our daily excursions start with the pickup and transport from your hotel or from a pickup point. Our service covers all areas of the Prefecture of Rethymnon.

Photo service

We offer professional photos of our divers, guests and underwater life for more than 10 years. You can take these lasting memories with you on a USB stick. 

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At the end of the day, just before leave and during our final meeting you will receive a memory certificate from your "journey" with Kalypso Dive Center.

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Carefully selected, multilingual professional staff - we speak more than 10 languages - will make sure you have safe and enjoyable dives.

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