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Crete retains its rugged terrain below sea surface, forming imposing abysses, caves and reefs. Furthermore, numerous shipwrecks and airplane carcasses are scattered round Crete, a reminder of the island’s the history. Guests of Crete have the opportunity to escape to the magical underwater world by choosing among a large number of diving clubs. Besides diving, visitors can explore coasts through snorkeling or participate in fishing trips or bottom-glass boat excursions.

Souda Bay and the rocky coastline from Kalyves to Georgioupolis are home to spectacular diving sites with many caves and rocky abysses. Among them stands out the underwater cave of Elephants, which took its name after the petrified bones of elephants that are still at the bottom. Other famous diving sites are the shores around Cape Spatha and the Peninsula Gramvousa.

Almost all diving schools offer diving excursions to Skinaria beach by Plakias. Indeed, the seabed at Skinaria is one of the most impressive on the island, with thriving sea life and horizontal visibility exceeding 40 meters. Additionally, the rocky coast between Skaleta and Geropotamos in northern Rethymnon is full of caves and is ideal for underwater exploration.

In Heraklion, the areas preferred by the diving schools are located in the area of Ahlada, west of Heraklion. Diving centers are based on the beaches of Ligaria and Mononaftis. Several diving schools also operate at Hersonissos and Malia, usually offering diving excursions to the island of Dia.

The diving spots of Lassithi include the town of Agios Nikolaos, the island of Agii Pantes and Voulisma beach. In At the wild shores of Cape Sidero, visitors can admire possibly the richest seabed of Crete, while trips are organized to Dionysades islets from Sitia. Around Ierapetra, scuba diving schools frequently visit the rock of Agia Fotia. The ancient submerged settlements of Koufonisi, Itanos and Elounda are also very interesting places to explore while snorkeling

Free transport

Our daily excursions start with the pickup and transport from your hotel or from a pickup point. Our service covers all areas of the Prefecture of Rethymnon.

Photo service

We offer professional photos of our divers, guests and underwater life for more than 10 years. You can take these lasting memories with you on a USB stick. 

Memory certificate

At the end of the day, just before leave and during our final meeting you will receive a memory certificate from your "journey" with Kalypso Dive Center.

Multilingual staff

Carefully selected, multilingual professional staff - we speak more than 10 languages - will make sure you have safe and enjoyable dives.

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How to turn a DSD into a unique dive experience?

How many certified divers took their first scuba diving steps through a PADI Discover Scuba Diver? Anybody wonders why this first experience changed their lives?

Most divers I talked to explained their DSD was a great experience. Thanks to the dive centre and dive instructor, passing their passion for diving, a new diver was born. The correct environment, information sharing, atmosphere and good preparation turned the Discover Scuba Diver in a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience for most of them.

Both my wife and I started in the same way years ago. Thanks to the great time we became so passionate about diving that we completely changed our lifestyle. From the discovery, we went through recreational diving to become so passionate about diving, to decide to swap our traditional jobs for a life in the diving industry. Even after we took this big step, we still remember our DSD years ago.

How to turn each Discover Scuba Diver (DSD) into an “I-love-scuba-diving” experience:

  • Organise each DSD as if it was a first date: Understand the DSD candidate does not know what to expect!
  • Be prepared: Follow a fixed DSD circuit and routine, but leave room for a personal touch.
  • Adapt to your customer: Accept people are unique, give them room to absorb scuba diving at their own pace.
  • Be passionate: share your passion for scuba diving with your guests before, during and after the dive.
  • Take your time: Remember the experience does not stop getting out of a wetsuit.
  • Help them remember: a picture says more than a thousand words, help them organise some pictures or a video as a permanent souvenir.

I fully agree there are a thousand more points to be added, but these six definitely help making a DSD something unique!

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Kalypso Beach, a place to explore and dive

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Ready for dive in Crete

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Diving in Crete via PADI Travel


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